ArmGuard Cloud Backup

How are you backing up your POS data? If it includes tapes, thumb drives, or sporadic manual processes that rely on fallible human tendencies, you’re probably doing it wrong. Get ArmGuard Offsite backup for your restaurant or retail POS system today!

What is ArmGuard?

ArmGuard is an offsite backup service that is installed on your point of sale system that automatically backs up POS system data and critical files and sends them securely to our redundant offsite storage servers.

Peace of Mind

Never forget to do your backups again! Backups are scheduled daily. When backups are completed, you are notified automatically by email with a backup status report, indicating the total number of files successfully backed up, and the total amount of storage used.

ArmGuard Ultra

Ask for Ultra Protection. ArmGuard Ultra provides an additional service of backup testing and complete data recovery service that ensures that your backups will work in the event that recovery is required, and that recovery costs will be minimal.