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Toshiba T10 POS Terminal

Toshiba T10 POS and Toshiba TCx Receipt Printer

Toshiba T10 is Built For Merchants

The Toshiba Basics series of POS hardware was designed to provide merchants with a Toshiba quality hardware option that was more affordable. The Toshiba T10 is the newest POS terminal from Toshiba and the latest addition to the Toshiba Basics line of point of sale hardware. The Toshiba T10 all-in-one touch screen terminal strikes the perfect balance between value and performance.

Armagh POS Solutions has tested and approved the Toshiba T10 point of sale terminal for use with the Digital Dining Restaurant POS and Catapult Retail POS softwares.

An Affordable All-In-One Touch Screen

The Toshiba T10 features an Intel® Celeron® J1900 2 Ghz processor provide the computing and multimedia power for most mainstream point of sale applications. Equipped standard with 4GB of RAM the T10 is expandable to 8GB to satisfy present and future POS requirements. It also comes standard with a 128 GB Solid State Hard Drive for maximum reliability.

The efficient cooling system allows for a fanless design, which enables the Toshiba T10 to be both quiet and compact, making it possible to install it discreetly in a variety of retail and restaurant environments. It’s small form factor allows it to go from 90 degrees to a “lay flat” position which makes the T10 perfect for to be used as a POS, self-service station, or kiosk.

With gigabit Ethernet network speed, four RS-232 ports, four USB 3.0 ports on board, and dual video display, any retail, restaurant, or grocery point of sale application can be installed using the Toshiba T10 without any need for port expansion. With powered port options, a dedicated cash drawer port, on-board sound, dual video, and a full cable management system, the T10 has a lot of dollar-for-dollar value compared to competitive POS terminals.


Toshiba T10 Options

Toshiba T10 POS with Rear 10in LCD Customer Display

Toshiba T10 with the integrated 10″ rear LCD customer display

Designed as an entry level POS platform, there are a limited number of options compared to the Toshiba TCx 800 POS platform, but they are sufficient for a majority of mainstream point of sale environments and applications.

There are two integrated customer displays available. One is a 2 line by 20 character LED display, and the other is a 10″ LCD display. Both provide transparency of transactional information and when properly mounted on the back of the T10, achieve a sophisticated look.

The terminal also has the option of having a side-mounted integrated magnetic swipe reader (MSR) for gift card payment, as well as optional server sign-on and customer loyalty cards. For those merchants that have POS software compatible to a dallas-key interface device, there is an MSR plus i-button combo available.

Toshiba T10 POS with Rear 2x20 LED Customer Display

Toshiba T10 POS with the integrated rear 2×20 LED customer display

The Toshiba T10 comes with a stand, but it can be removed without losing any functionality. The back plate can be removed allowing the T10 to be mounted on any Vesa compliant stand, pole, wall mount, bracket, or kiosk application.

The Toshiba T10 all-in-one POS terminal terminal ships standard with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise and is compatible with a variety of Windows and Linux operating systems.



Retail and Restaurant Optimized

The Toshiba POS brand is the #1 global leader for POS terminals for a reason – legendary reliability. Information technology managers know that they cannot sustainably run an IT department while constantly running from POS emergency to POS emergency across their retail enterprise. They understand that no brand of point of sale hardware is more thoughtfully designed and engineered for grocery, retail and restaurant use than Toshiba. Toshiba understands that these platforms will be used as cash registers – and require enough on-board bandwidth to manage all of your point of sale devices – such as cash drawers, receipt printers, scanners, fingerprint readers, MSR card readers, cash drawers, pole displays, payment devices and pinpads, RF ID, touch screens, scales, and any other devices that require an I/O resource – and they all have to work simultaneously without jeopardizing the point of sale software environment.