About Us

Named after a county in Ireland, Hamilton-based Armagh POS Solutions has been providing cash registers, retail scales, restaurant, retail, and grocery POS systems since 1979.

“We started Armagh POS Solutions in the midst of one of the worst economic recessions since the Great Depression, and since then we have survived six” says, President and Founder, Harry Mitchell, Sr., who started in the cash register business at 17 years old. “You learn a lot about business when you need to navigate your company through that sort of economic environment.”

“When I first started in the industry, and before I opened Armagh Cash Register Limited, as we were originally called, cash registers were mechanical with steel and cast iron with an average weight of 275lbs each. In 1971, we saw the first ‘electronic’ cash register at a trade show,” reminisces Mitchell, “and in 1972 I sold and installed the first electronic cash registers to Canadian Tire, and I remember the serial number on the first cash register was #008 – I had sold the 8th electronic cash register in North America.”

“I attribute our success to sheer unrelenting determination to provide the best software, the best hardware, and the best dollar-for-dollar 24 hour service in the industry,” explains, Mitchell, “I know we succeed because we’ve had plenty of customers over the years attempt to economize by trading service and quality for price with one of our competitors, only to come back again and again.”

Mitchell’s philosophy may be based upon traditional business values, but the ever-evolving product line is cutting edge. “Today, cast iron and steel has been replaced by point of sale software, but really, our core business hasn’t changed. Software products like the Catapult Retail Point of Sale System, or restaurant management systems, like Global Restaurant POS or Digital Dining Restaurant POS, enable us to provide virtually any business with customer service and control systems, offering improved speed, accuracy and adaptability,” says Mitchell. “And it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the retail or restaurant sector, chain or independent, whether you manage a convenience or specialty store—we will tailor a system to meet your requirements.

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In 2019 Armagh POS Solutions celebrated their 40th Anniversary year. Over that time Armagh has witnessed several recessions, three paradigm shifts in cash register technology, the dawn of the information age and the birth of the point of sale system, hundreds of new laws and retail regulations, and several sales tax changes. Thanks to their loyal customers and dedicated employees, Armagh has successfully transcended all of them and looks forward to a bright future as they continue the journey.