Global Restaurant POS

Self Service Kiosk

Global Restaurant POS Self Service Kiosk

One Single Cloud Database

From Point of Sale, to Mobile App Ordering, to Online Ordering, to Self Service Kiosk Ordering, the Global Restaurant Point of Sale Suite enables the restaurant to deploy an entire omnichannel restaurant management package while eliminating the complexity of maintaining multiple data silos so your menu and system configuration programming efforts only need to be entered into the system one time, reducing labour, technology management fees, and the cost of maintenance overhead.

Add, edit, delete a menu item from the entire platform at any time, from anywhere, and from any device with a web browser, and the changes are instantly available wherever you need it to be. The old days of taking down restaurants to reboot servers is over. Oh, and say good-bye to servers. That single point of failure is a thing of the past with Global Restaurant.

It’s all built into our cloud platform. Whether you want it now or later, need one or many, in some or all your restaurants, the Self-Service Kiosk is available in any restaurant that needs it at any time.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Available on the App Store LogoProven Apple iPad Hardware

Experts consistently agree that Apple consistently provides the best quality hardware and the easiest user experience by far when compared to any other tablet technology. They are built solidly, reasonably priced, there is an unprecedented selection of accessories, the support is the best in the industry, and when branded with your brand colours and logos they make an excellent POS Self Service Kiosk.

Global Restaurant Self-Service Kiosk Slide ShowGraphical Marketing Slideshow

Enhance your brand and influence consumer behavior with the Global Restaurant’s Self Service Kiosk graphical slideshow.

It couldn’t be simpler. Design your own custom marketing graphics, and upload them to the web portal using any web browser, and a few minutes later your promotions and specials are displayed in the restaurant.

When self service stations are idle, the marketing slideshow automatically begins rotating through your images based on the number of seconds you configure.

Global Restaurant Self-Service Kiosk BrandedImprove Customer Throughput With Less Labour

Don’t make your customers wait in line! Improve your restaurant’s ability to service more customers faster with less labour! Customers who wish to make their own purchases can and will if you let them with Global Restaurant’s Self Service Kiosk POS!

Self Service Kiosk menus are easy to use because they are beautifully designed with your own custom product images, carefully curated descriptions, ingredients, and tags. Guests easily manage orders themselves with Global Restaurant’s intelligently designed self service user experience. When the order is complete, the kiosk can even prompt the guest for a table number so your staff can quickly get orders to waiting customers.

Self Service Kiosk Order History Loyalty Number EntryCustomer Order History & Loyalty

Global Restaurant’s single database technology allows a unified customer tracking and loyalty system to take place across the entire platform, including the Self-Service Kiosk.

Customers that identify themselves at the kiosk can easily swipe their previous order history to repeat favorite orders. The ability to repeat complex orders including modifiers and guest customizations saves time and helps the line move quickly.

Guests that earn and have loyalty rewards available for redemption will be notified at the kiosk. Customers can also review their order history and loyalty status in the Global Restaurant Mobile Guest App.

Self Service Kiosk 86 Item Out86 Item Out Menu Items and Modifiers

The guest’s experience is the primary concern of any well run establishment. But it’s a fact that some nights even the most prepared restaurants can run out of a menu item or ingredient. Because of Global Restaurant’s single database design, the Self Service Kiosk will always be up to date with every other POS terminal, handheld POS, Online Ordering and Mobile App in the restaurant.

When an item is out of stock or has limited quantity, managers modify the Item Availability in any Global Restaurant POS system. It only takes a few touches to complete, and those counts synchronize to the cloud and are then reflected in the Self Service Kiosk stations, avoiding the tragedy of disappointing your guest even further, and needlessly backing up the kitchen or wasting valuable service resources.

Global Restaurant Self Service Kiosk w PinpadImproved Order Accuracy

Two additional positive effects of using self-service kiosks is that customers take more responsibility for their own orders. In so doing, orders tend to have a higher accuracy rate than when orders are placed by employees who are often distracted and sometimes misunderstand the requests of their guest. Once again, throughput increases and cost from errors is reduced. That’s a win win for everyone involved.

Improved Sales

Studies suggest that when guests are left to place their own orders on an easy to use self service kiosk with a well designed menu, they are more adventurous, order more items, and spend more money. Crisp graphical interfaces curated with mouth-watering pictures and descriptions of your delicious food tempt the guest into trying new things and adding additional items to increase their enjoyment. Simply put, customers who want to order for themselves, will order for themselves, and when they do they will have a better experience and spend more money!

To assist in this effort, Global Restaurant also pays attention to what a guest has forgotten to order – such as beverages, appetizers, or desserts – and will make an automatic recommendation as an upsell for the customer, helping to both boost sales and improve their visit.

Global Restaurant POS Kitchen Display SystemKitchen Display System

Global Restaurant’s built-in Kitchen Display System (KDS) can be used in place of a traditional kitchen printer. Orders can be automatically routed to production stations in the kitchen and displayed on as many KDS screens as you need. Our KDS app is no additional cost, so locate production screens wherever you need them!

Orders that are ready can be “bumped” off the KDS screen, and for take out and quick service orders an optional text message can be sent to your guests indicating that the order is ready to go!

Pax S300 EMV PinpadContactless Payments

The Self-Service Kiosk is fully compatible with Canadian payments, including EMV PIN and chip transactions as well as Near Field Communication (NFC) contactless transactions like tap & pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. Customers can use their smartphone or smartwatch to do transactions, which are faster than pin and chip transactions.

Suggested Tips

Tips are important for restaurants to retain staff and encourage a happy prosperous work environment, but it shouldn’t slow down your lines. The Self Service Kiosk can significantly speed up the process by suggesting tip amounts for customers to select from.

Guests are presented with a few common tip options, which are displayed conveniently on payment at the Self-Service Kiosk. Of course, guests may also choose a custom tip amount or leave no tip at all, but suggested tips have been proven to increase tipping in quick service restaurant environments – which helps to reduce costly employee turnover.