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Armagh POS Solutions is your trusted local provider of Point of Sale systems for grocery stores in the Vaughan area. When you partner with us, you’ll get a grocery POS system that provides seamless management across a range of departments, and reduces complexity while improving customer service and engagement.  Contact us today to speak to a Grocery POS systems consultant.

Gift Shop

Gift shops are wonderous places where all your wishes and whims can come true, but gift store owners know that they are challenging businesses to run and they require a decent amount of both creativity and management to make them successful. Getting the gift shop point of sale system correct then is important to having the right tools when you need them. Having something that looks good also needs to be something that works well in the environment it was designed for.

Cloud POS for Gift Shops

A happy place like a gift shop should have an easy to use POS and Heartland Retail Software certainly lives up to this challenge. Incredibly flexible, it easily scales to the merchant’s unique needs, often working on existing compatible point of sale hardware. Basic functionality allows staff to easily search for items, create and associate customers, split payments, and provide painless returns. For enterprise gift store managers will enjoy leveraging the multi-store capabilities and store-to-store inventory lookups, sales rep tracking for commissions, promotions and gift card, and the real time sales dashboard.

Any Operating System

Heartland Retail POS for Gift Shops is completely operating system agnostic working on the most popular operating system platforms, Microsoft Windows, Google Android, and Apple iOS, which means merchants have near unlimited choice as to how they manage their hardware choices. Would you like to have Apple in the office, Windows at the POS and Android tablets on the sales floor? With Heartland Retail POS you can do it!

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a gift shop is the constantly changing inventory. Sure, that teddy bear is cute, but it comes in 18 colours, 3 sizes, a dozen holiday themes and occasions, and a dozen cute sayings stitched on it’s chest, and has a different order code for each permutation and combination, and no barcodes. The worst part is they will have a new version in 3 weeks. For this reason, flexible inventory management is extremely important.

Functions like auto-add number when building items, inventory matrix, item imports, transfers, adjustments, cycle counts, and point-in-time inventory reporting are some of the common basic tools available. With Heartland Retail POS for Gift Shops, you will know exactly how much you own across stores and channels in real time, ultimately increasing control, inventory rotation, and margin.


Good order management is about ordering the right products, at the right time, for the right cost.

Easily create customized purchase orders for your gift shop, using key features to enforce accuracy when shipments are received and view real-time alerts right on your dashboard. Effortlessly create barcode labels directly from the PO as you receive, and if necessary, you can process returns to vendors.

Later, build custom reports that allow you to analyze each item’s journey from order through sale, to assist with better buying. Armed with mobile data, meet vendors with the right insights to negotiate strategically. Create purchase orders on the fly, saving time and money, and once the items land, get them to the stores efficiently with receiving tools designed to root out errors. Distributed order management allows you to optimize inventory across all channels in real time, reaching customers where and how they shop and boosting efficiency.

Customer Tracking

Heartland Retail POS for gift shops comes equipped with a full suite of CRM tools right out of the box. Add any custom field you want to your customer profile, from “favorite colour” to “kids’ names,” and use that data to deliver exceptional personalized experiences. With rich data collected and captured on each transaction, your customer dashboard will tell the story you need to engage personally, giving every customer a reason to share the love.

Enable your staff to provide your customers with a better experience with the Customer Dashboard, which gives gift store associates the important information they need about the client when they need it. Automatically popping up any time a customer is attached to a transaction it provides valuable information about how frequently a customer shops, their total spend, average spend, what they buy and are interested in, and how often they return products.

Expand your capabilities with some of the most popular loyalty and marketing integrations in the gift store industry that are available using the powerful Open API available.

Reporting & Metrics

Data is key, and it’s what high performing gift shops use to stay agile and responsive to changing market conditions. Detect trends, pivot quickly when things aren’t selling or simply understand your customers like never before. Gather the data that’s right for your business and report on it in any way you want. Use custom fields to collect the data most relevant to your business, then use those fields to build the customized reports you need. Stay agile, pivot quickly and gain a competitive edge with custom reports and data-driven insight.

The Heartland Retail POS Dashboard enables gift store merchants with real time metrics on their businesses “at a glance”, providing actionable data so that merchants can make the right decisions in a timely manner. Every time a sale is made it updates the dashboard and data can be compared and measured against a “sales plan” that has been created by the merchant, and all data can be compared between any two time periods.

Powerful eCommerce Integrations

Track dozens of online data points right through your POS for distribution online, including the pictures you wish to display. Easily connect your gift shop POS to popular eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce and a variety of others using Heartland Retail POS’ Open API.

Integrated Payments

Your customers expect a fast, streamlined and secure payment process, and you need a reliable and cost-effective payment solutions provider. Integrating Payments with Heartland Retail POS means you can accept payments online or anywhere in the store—just like your mobile POS. Integrated payments enable you to reduce errors, theft, and administrative overhead in a single feature and one of the easiest and least expensive things a retail store can do to improve their operational effectiveness.