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Catapult Retail Point of Sale for Sporting Goods

Catapult POS has everything you need to keep your Sporting Goods store competitive.

Sports players are just as passionate about their sports as sporting goods retailers are about their stores. Just as their customers want the latest products and technology that give them the competitive edge on the field, so does the retailer need the latest products and technology for managing their store. Sporting goods operators know that a point-of-sale system that’s designed for superior performance will get them over the finish line and beyond. Catapult is the award-winning enterprise point-of-sale solution for sporting goods stores of all sizes. Catapult provides the real-time actionable data sport retailers need to make smart business decisions in a highly competitive marketplace.

Sporting Goods Features At-a-Glance

  • Fast, seamless transactions at every retail touchpoint
  • Easy-to-use cashier interface with hot keys
  • Self-Checkout functionality
  • Cash, credit, check, debit, and biometric payment options
  • Accurate, comprehensive inventory management tools
  • Customer tracking, loyalty, gift cards, and coupons
  • Employee tracking and management tools
  • Commissions tracking
  • Back Office and HQ Reporting

Catapult Retail Point of Sale Details

Catapult goes beyond omni-channel and it’s more than unified commerce. It is scalable and responsive thanks to Unified Transaction Logic™. This means all critical areas of operation in a c-store enterprise are all connected in real time. Your traditional checkout lanes, self-checkout terminals, online ordering, and even smartphone apps can all work as one system. It is a comprehensive solution that enables efficient HQ management for sport store retail.

Fast Friction-Free Transactions

No matter your convenience store type or layout, Catapult can cover all of your transactions at lightning-fast pace. All transactional information from all of your retail touchpoints synchronize to the system for real-time, precise business analytics. Catapult can process thousands of transactions in the most demanding of retail environments while continuously feeding data to Catapult Web Office for real-time, precise business analytics and inventory management.

Easy-To-Use Cashier Interface

Customizable touch screens with hot keys empower cashiers, unnecessary steps are eliminated; they can speed through transactions, manage non-scannable items, or access customer loyalty data, all from the point of sale.

Catapult C-Store POS ScreenCustomizable touch screens

Whether you’re selling bags of ice, buckets of bait, or propane by the tank, you know that not everything in a convenience store is scannable. With Catapult POS for convenience stores, customizable touch screens make it easy to ring in those hard-to-scan items with ease, while accurately tracking item movement and inventory, and maintaining price integrity. Touch screens also eliminate the need for keyboards at the point of sale and improve security at the POS, eliminating a point of access on the system and keeping the focus on the point of sale.

Many ways to pay: Cash, Credit, Check, Debit, Biometric, House Charge, Gift, Tap

Integrated Payments on Catapult POSYour cash register should be frictionless to the customer’s purchasing behavior. Catapult has a variety of ways to pay, including several Canadian payment processors to choose from.

Multiple Payment Options

Payments can be processed using Credit & Debit with Canadian Pin & Chip, NFC Touchless Tap & Pay, Apple Pay, no transaction fee self-hosted gift cards, and even third-party gift cards.

Revolutionary Biometric Payment Technology

At the press of a finger, customers can access an associated account with Secure OneTouch™. They can instantly make payments without cards or cash, collect points for loyalty, and apply e-coupons and in-store discounts in real-time.

Sporting GoodsInventory Management

Catapult has full-spectrum inventory capability to synergize supply chains. It can replace your current inventory management software and cut down on complexity. Connect your inventory controls to the rest of your store operations, seamlessly. Catapult tools cover supplier integration, inventory management, auto-replenishment, warehousing, pricing & promotions, and new item management.

Perpetual Inventory & Replenishment

Perpetual inventory helps to avoid stock-out scenarios and keeps the latest product orders flowing at optimal pace. Order Assist™ module displays suggested item order quantities based on forecasted auto-replenishment calculations and can then generate a purchase order for each associated supplier.

Submit Purchase Orders Via EDI, Fax, Email, And More

Purchase orders are made easily through supplier integration and bi-directional communication via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). Catapult will also submit inventory orders through other mediums allowing you to send one purchase order to an EDI supplier, then another via fax, and then another to email, all depending on your vendor’s capabilities.

Catapult Inventory Handheld Terminal HHT - Zebra TC20Inventory Handheld Terminal (HHT)

When your sporting goods store has thousands of items added per year, you need to leverage the right technology to manage it as effectively as possible. The Catapult Inventory Handheld Terminal will enable employees to stay out on the sports store floor while accessing the vital worksheets required to get the inventory tasks completed. Use the handheld terminal to count physical inventory, do purchasing and receiving, make price changes, inventory adjustments, print labels and signs, and much more. With the Catapult inventory handheld terminal (HHT), you can do the work where the products are, and keep valuable staff out on the floor of your sporting goods stores where your customers need them.  

Toshiba B-FV4D Shelf Label PrinterShelf Label & Sign Printing

Professional product signs and shelf labels are only a button click away with Catapult’s label and sign printing software, included in the Catapult Retail Point of Sale Suite of software. Print labels on a variety of media types using direct thermal or thermal transfer labels. Have specific label requirements? No problem. Design your own with our built-in label design software, and print both color or black and white, using your own preprinted stock or print on demand. For shelf talkers, shelf signs, and promotional signs, Catapult will also allow you to design and print those and print them from the same worksheets in Catapult POS when you’re printing your shelf labels. Streamline your label and sign printing process even more by combining it with the Catapult Inventory Handheld Terminal (HHT) and a wireless label printer and print your shelf labels in the store aisle. How competitive is that?

Customer Loyalty & Marketing

With Catapult your discounts, dynamic promotions, rewards programs, and other transactional processes work the same. At the front-store and online, your customer relationship management tools all work in unison.

Marketing Automation

LoyaltyBot® lets retailers to set up marketing campaigns that automatically provide patrons with rewards based on specific automated triggers. Best of all, it is easily customizable.

Digital eCoupons

Retailers can create digital coupons using criteria that they choose. These eCoupons can be tracked in a customer’s associated loyalty account, and automatically applied, speeding up checkout times.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points offer a powerful incentive. Shoppers accumulate rewards based on their purchases, encouraging them to increase visit frequency and the amount that they spend in your store.

Self-Hosted Gift Cards

Our self-hosted, easy-to-use gift card system offers reusable gift cards and gift amounts can be added quickly at the POS by authorized personnel. They are easy to redeem as a tender option can be used to process refunds in lieu of cash. Third-party gift card system integration is also available.

Back Office and HQ Reporting

Catapult generates up-to-the-second reports for every area of your business, including inventory levels, current sales, and historic sales. Users can immediately determine what quantities are on hand, on order, and sold, as well as ascertain costs, profits, and all data critical for staying competitive and profitable. Users can analyze net margins for any number of parameters, including by item, by brand, or by supplier. Catapult offers hundreds of reports to help you make informed business decisions.

Catapult Reports300+ Standard Reports For Store Analytics

With over 300 pre-built reports established from best practices as well as customer requests, you will gain the insight you need to better run your business. Each report can be filtered by endless data dimensions.

Customize Your Own Reports

With Catapult users are empowered to create custom reports and modify existing reports using the report editing tool. It is the same editing tool that allows retailers to create and manage custom shelf labels and signs for their inventory items. Armed with the same skills learned and obtained with managing labels can be applied to managing reports in Catapult. While at first you may have to have us assist with some of the more technical aspects of report design (depending on the reporting need), Catapult can empower you to manage and customize your reports like never before.

Scheduled Reports

As their name implies, scheduled reports allow you to create schedules when specific reports are sent to owners or managers within your organization. For the data-driven retailer, these reports can provide incredible insight and knowledge to aid in decision making. In addition, because these reports are set to be delivered on a schedule, sending the reports around to everyone is one less thing you have to worry about. When the reports are scheduled and sent, your recipients will receive them in an email in a format of your choosing (e.g. PDF). This allows your report recipients to obtain the needed data in their preferred format instead of having to convert it. With Scheduled Reporting in Catapult, any report can be scheduled, even custom reports. This empowers you to receive the data you need, when you need it. In addition, because reports often need to be seen by various employees throughout the enterprise, Scheduled Reporting is accessible from the Headquarters and remote store locations of a multi-store system.

Visual Intelligence Dashboard

With Catapult Dash™, a live visual intelligence dashboard, you can quickly see your most important data elements in graphic form with drill-down capability.

Run Reports By Product And Department

Our POS software can run reports by product and department, so you know what brands and what items are driving your sales – scalable from a few store locations to hundreds.

Employee tracking and management

Catapult’s comprehensive back-office management tools enable executives to conduct employee audits, track performance, productivity, and monitor labor costs. Monitor performance and value to hold associates accountable and guard your bottom line.